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Name Islam Mohamed Mohamed Elgamal
Date of Birth

19-December-1980 AD

11-Saffar-1401 Hijri

Place of Birth Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Houce Officer medicine @ faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams Univ., Cairo
No. of Friends I love all of you
ICQ 115920999

Habitat Cairo- Egypt

+20 12 1176210 (the main)

Hobbies  Computer, Poetry, Playing music, Ping Pong (table tennis)
Cartoon Films  I can not do without SCOOBY DOO, TOM&JERRY, PINK PANTHER
Football I love Al-Ahli (Egypt), Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid (Spain), Juventus (Italy), Leicester city, Chelsea (England), Borussia Dortmund(Germany), Ittihad (Saudi), Tarajji (Tunisia),…. Etc.
Languages Spoken Arabic, English, French (little), Spanish (little)
Preferred Singers

Mohamed Fauzi, I think no voice, no music, & no songs had been better than he had

Mohamed Mounir, He is a very nice singer

Amr Diab, His 3 new albums affected me, also some of his old musics ( visit )

Almost all Egyptian & Arab singers have good songs especially the old generation

BSB are good, I also Respect AQUA…..


No actor is better than Nicholas Cage

Anthony Quinn was legend

Yousif Wahbi is the best Egyptian actor, Farid Shauqi, Foad El-Mouhandis, Adel Emam, Mohamed Sobhi ( the latter 3 are theatre stars )

Actresses Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt, Helena Bonham Carter ( whom I have ever seen )
For Egypt

I like stories of Egyptian Army and the Victory of 6-October-1973

I like seeing & keeping pictures of Egyptian Monuments & Touristic places ( )

For Islam Our religion is a fair religion calls to love and peace not to violence

visit please ( )